Will He Find Faith on the Earth?

“…when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” – Luke18:8

To pray is to have faith. Though it be little, it is still faith. There will come a time where despair will overtake, doubt will cripple, and only a few will be found petitioning before The Lord. If we draw near to God we do so believing that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6); anything less is not faith. The question is, why do we delay in prayer? What part of our life has been given over in unbelief? Where have we grown cold where the warm faith in Christ was once felt? What have we ceased believing God for as the Body, as an individual? Look intently at your heart and ask: Is there an area where I am wavering in distrust?

Since being reminded of this scripture, Christ’s question plays repeatedly in my mind…”will He find faith on the earth?” The love of many will grow cold (Matthew 24:12), the passion and trust in God’s power will remain far and few—will we be the few? Though God might delay, He does not stand still. His people are often commanded to stillness as His hand is still working, still moving mightily. Often as we find ourselves out of control, just waiting, we do so in such hopelessness. Yet, we can wait with hearts devoted in faith! As Warren Wiersbe says, “God’s delays are not the delays of inactivity but of preparation.“

Though are hearts be still in faith, our mouths should never be empty of cries, never ceasing but always calling upon our Lord. When we stop praying, it is then we stop believing. Oh, that Christ would look down now and find hearts full of great faith and postures following suit! Will He find faith here on earth? Our persistence will not fail, but as we wait for God’s swift response (Luke 18:8) may we remain dependent with petition’s pestering steadfastly, and deeper trust instilled.

J.C. Ryle says it well:

“Faith is to the soul what life is to the body. Prayer is to faith what breath is to life. How a man can live and not breathe is past my comprehension, and how a man can believe and not pray is past my comprehension too.”

So Christian, remember the sobering question of Jesus today as you stand before your foe, your greatest mountain. God’s will is always that you pray. Be persistent. Remain dependent. That God may search and find hearts pleasing to Him—we know the only assurance of this is through our faith (Hebrews 11:6-7). He hears us, and loves us; let not our hope in Him be found small today.